Support the deployment of a new product

Some words from our customer

A digital enterprise courtesy of ROK

R.G, DSI, Coriolis: «The launch in a few months of a new offering with numerous new partners presents a real challenge for CIOs combining agility, speed, and flexibility.
With ROK we managed to develop a new offer deployment process in 3 months which is integrated with our partners, at a development cost which was lower than usual.
The main benefits of the ROK solution were the rapid integration of our SI with those of our partners at a reduced cost, scalability of the solution over the 3 months of the project and the ability to quickly internalize maintenance of the solution within the management team and IT.
We now aim to deploy this solution for other business processes».
L.C, projet manager, Coriolis: “The ROK tool is a powerful tool. Moreover, it is simple to use and configure”

Coriolis Telecom

ROK Solution supports the launch of new offers at Coriolis

Faster and cheaper

Deployment: 6 times faster (3 months instead of 18)

Gain: 83%

Exploitation (account manager): 5 times faster

Gain: 80%

Cost: 3 times less expensive

Gain: 63%

single interface for account managers and their management

employees trained in modeling

business applications interfaced via Web Services or via Web Automation Tool

data for each file connection

L.C, project manager, Coriolis: “In one afternoon, I knew how to model a procedure, create forms and set flow rules.”

Create a digital offering to win over the competition

Dirigeants & Partenaires

Some words from our customer

A digital enterprise courtesy of ROK

Kevin Barrett, President, Dirigeants & Partenaires:
“Our business is to facilitate the relationship between executives to identify business opportunities and to render this relationship productive. The density and quality of our network is our key advantage, so it is necessary that access is operational. All similar firms know this limitation. For us this issue remains in the past. Using ROK we created GoldmineTM, a cooperative application that makes the network real and tangible. It is a real game changer that transforms our offering today and will apply to our entire business in the future.”

GoldmineTM powered by ROK
un “game changer”

Faster, more efficient. The largest cooperative network of executives.

The competition is talking about it… Dirigeants & Partenaires demonstrates it

Speed: 3 times faster

(A 50 minute process reduced to 15 min)

Gain: 66%

Simplification: 15 tools in a single interface

Gain: 94%

Power: a coach per customer

to an extensive network

Gain: immeasurable

Single Flow

Sought after platforms and applications/p>

Members (collaborative sharing)

Direct contacts

Share knowledge and expertise securely

a large global bank in the face of regulatory constraints

Some words from our customer

We facilitate regulatory compliance

Our customer:”Compliance with banking regulations requires controlling our operational risks, documenting our procedures and making them available to our employees in the field, in the agency as well as the back office. With ROK Solution, we offer our employees a simple and personalized access to a wealth of updated and managed procedures. ”


  • 9000 users
  • 2500 procedures
  • In the Cloud
  • Multilingual, Multi-time
  • multilingue

    Bâle 3, Solvency 2: ROK Oscar winner


    Arnaud de Bresson, Finance Innovation, CEO:
    “This company is currently developing an extremely important activity for the financial center and will serve many banking and financial companies in their work. Here are the reasons for this choice [to award the trophy to ROK Solution].”

    ROK and BRM: a taught concept

    audit_interne et_referentiels_risques

    • Pierre Schick: Ethics and Compliance Director, EDF Group
    • Jacques Vera: Lecturer and Director of internal organizations Master Audit at IAE, Aix-en-Provence
    • Olivier Bourrouilh-Parège: Founding President of ROK Solution

    Reduce costs and IT time

    ROK is appreciated by our customers as an SI Cost Killer that can eliminate or reduce the use of many of your applications while ensuring better fluidity, speed, integrity and security.

    Silo solutions have seen their day

    Today you use many complex and expensive applications which are disconnected from each other and therefore used by a small number of your employees.

    • Modeling: Business Process Architecture (BPA), Business Process Management (BPM)
    • Risk management
    • EDM: Electronic Document Management
    • Communications: email, chat, video conferencing, etc.
    • Social Networks
    • Reporting (BI, BAM)

    ROK breaks the silos and provides an integrated, multi-device solution to meet all these challenges.

    ROK3 TM or the individual at the heart of the system

    ROK is the central nervous system of your digital environment by dynamically identifying “who’s who” to make him or her available appropriately with all the applications and information he or she needs, when needed.

    KPIs: A drastic reduction of the costs of your current licenses

    Average savings by ROK users:

    • CRM: Up to 80% savings
    • EDM: 80% to 100% savings
    • Email: 75% savings
    • Risk: 60% savings
    • Rights Management: 90% savings

    Secure CSR

    access to single documentation (regardless of EDM location, Intranet, ROK, etc.)

    Single multi-device space (collaborative hub)

    As a bonus, your existing applications accessible from any mobile device!

    Design a universal digital space

    Dirigeants & Partenaires created and made Sherlock-On-LineTM available to its clients and teams

    Kevin Barrett, President, Dirigeants & Partenaires

    “Dirigeants & Partenaires does not have an IT department: ROK manages the entry and exit of our customers dynamically and integrally with our CRM, managing their rights and the availability of their personalized, multi-device work environment (on PCs available in our office, but also their personal home PCs or from any WiFi connection. This portability is appreciated particularly for remote clients).”


    Dirigeants & Partenaires: the first entirely digital executive coaching firm

    Sherlock-on-lineTM powered by ROK

    Dynamic digital and personalized desktop created by Dirigeants & Partenaires

    Meet the promise of a consulting tool

    Consulting is dead, long live consulting!

    A centralized workspace


    bureau conseil

    client A

    bureau client 1

    client B

    bureau client 2


    The consultant has access, on any device and wherever it may be, to his or her own work space but also to secure spaces dedicated to each customer.

    A collaborative space shared with the customer

    bureau explication

    This space allows for agile, dynamic and real-time exchange and work with the client.

    Deliverables with strong ROI

    After the mission, the deliverable can take 2 forms:

    • A classic complete file (PPT, PDF, etc.)
    • A client SI integrated SaaS environment operational immediately (organization, flow, EDM, CSR, etc.)

    It is then possible to support change in the long term:

    • BPaaS: Business Process as a Service
    • BPO: Business Process Outsourcing (externalization)

    Model, share, execute and monitor a comprehensive collaborative flow

    A global collaborative flow

    An example of fast closing

    ROK for financial departement

    The ROK platform is:

    Easy to deploy

  • 200 countries
  • 8 regional offices
    • contributing every day to the development of 40,000 companies worldwide

    Deployment in a week to 96 countries for 1,200 employees

    And everything else you have not imagined

    or abandoned in the face of the apparent effort to create it

    Innovate …

    When he invented the web in 1989, Tim Berners-Lee did not imagine that it would open the door to Facebook, Amazon, Uber, etc.

    Arnaud Montebourg: “When we experience ROK, we understand that we are dealing with pioneers”

    … is inventing

    In terms of exploration innovation, usage is often still to be invented, but with ROK we offer for you to give free rein to your imagination:

    • Imagine a connected application: Create it in a few hours with ROK
    • You get an idea for a new use and want to build your start-up: save production money and time with ROK and go directly to the point: the business.
    • You want to create a collaborative space to share your vision, your flows and to create and innovate: get ROK for more agility.