“When the wind blows the change, some build walls, others windmills”

Eight years have passed since OP SERV partnered with companies to provide them with the performance and governance tool


OP SERV was established in late 2005 within the Group LORET and with a social BPM solution, Wysy-Flow, developed for group internal purposes and acquired by DCNS upon the merger of DCN and Thales Naval.

ROK Solution was built after the release of the group’s OP SERV, in late 2009, using feedback from Wysy-Flow, within a totally new technological environment.

An award winning solution

ROK Solution retained by Department of Defense
First place award Microsoft Finance Innovation
Support for innovation an: innovative company OSEO, CIR and JEI
French Tech Tour San Francisco selection
RED Herring Europe winner
Selection an French Tech Tour Moscou 2016
RED Herring Global of the 100 world winners
EuroCloud trophy finalist
Microsoft idEES winner


  • The process conducted with ROK Solution enriches our externalization services by offering an integrated service and advise our clients in their own optimization strategy for accounting function
    Grant Thornton
  • Our solution is universal in the services it provides. This also had to be true for the user interface. Our multi-language version strengthens international and mobile uses of Cloud based ROK and provides managers on-the-go with a 3D touch interface.
    Olivier Bourrouilh
    ROK Solution
  • We manage our Fast Closing and Lean Closing projects with ROK Solution. We close our accounts within 10 days and we have improved our productivity by 50%.
    Finance Officer
    Telecom group
  • We are reinventing our business by providing our customers a range of services and digital content through a digital desktop. Our coaches' high level professional social network, our support methodologies for executive career transition, with ROK Solution, become a catalyst of real change, managed by our internal teams.
    Dirigeants & Partenaires
  • The future is equipped Consulting, a consulting in phase with our customers' pace, with profound transformations driven by a digital presence. With ROK Solution, we equip our consultants with a collaborative work environment and co-build with our customers.
  • Compliance with banking regulations requires controlling our operational risks, documenting our procedures and making them available to our employees in the field, in the agency as well as the back office. With ROK Solution, we offer our employees a simple and personalized access to a wealth of updated and managed procedures.
    A large global bank
  • Our launching of a new offer in just 3 months has made it necessary to reuse our existing information systems and integrate them with those of our partners, to set up an offer deployment monitoring solution and to simplify work done by our agents. ROK Solution automatically collects hundreds of data points from different systems for each case file. We thus have an agile environment permitting a prompt response to the market and monitoring of daily operations.
    Coriolis Telecom
  • The annual upgrading of our Business Centers requires collaboration and the input from executives worldwide. With ROK Solution, we collected the desired changes for 2016 and have easily applied this assembly. We strengthened our collaborative space thanks to ROK Solution covering everyone up to company executives.
    An asset management company
  • Our HR processes are global and tailored to the organizational peculiarities of our various brands and activities. With ROK Solution we orchestrate our HR processes, give our employees all the visibility they expect in the execution of these processes and have maximum flexibility to develop them in a simple manner.

Our partners

Together, we implement the management of SAP rights in integrity with the organic and systemic approach of the ROK model.

Specialist in digital transformation, digital systems and operational performance; we are working together to offer our clients a whole new way to deal with transformation issues in project mode around the collaborative space offered by ROK.