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Do not bother to look, no other solution out there is capable of upholding the same promises as ROK

ROK is five years of Research & Development dedicated to implementing a whole new way to design an application environment focused on the user, supported by a protected algorithm unique to ROK3 TM.
More than a conceptual vision, ROK brings about a revolution in how to design and code your application.

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A true Cloud solution (public or private) which is multi-tenant, multi-instance, multi-device, multi-time zone, multi-lingual, etc. ATAWADAC*.
*ATAWADAC: Any Time, Any Where, Any Device, Any Content

You dreamed it.

… We developed it.

« Our vision of the digital business is focused around the user, considered the heart of the system. The whole idea of ROK is to provide maximum comfort and an optimized personalization and usability.
Our teams have worked with our customers to bring you this environment which is more intuitive, more personalized, and frankly, more fun.
The digital age is one that bets on the fact that the most complex treatments and algorithms will become simple and intuitive through implementation and use.
With ROK nearly anything goes. You become the architect of your digital environment. Stop restricting yourselves!
We are more than ever at your service. This product is for you. Happy browsing.»

Olivier Bourrouilh-Parège,
Founding President of ROK Solution

One reality ends:

  • That of application silos and suites
  • That of SI constraints, delays and costs

A new reality begins:

  • One based in creativity
  • One that guarantees that the technology will fit your strategy
  • One of agility and responsiveness

You never again will say: “It’s too long, too cumbersome, too expensive, too risky.”

Solutions that you will not use more or which you will slowly stop using

SaaS applications which are not Cloud solutions ROK is a true cloud solution which is multi-tenant and multi-instance.
Tools for workflow modeling and management of regulations and/ or forms, applications, etc.
Acronyms: BPA, BPM, BRM, WF, BMP suites, etc.
ROK is a powerful modeling solution that integrates all these technologies to make it accessible to the untrained user.
Knowledge management (KM) solutions for content management (EDM) and intranet type sharing ROK, which is structured around the individual, is a collaborative intelligence platform which optimizes its services.
Applications for management of risk, audit and architectures ROK is a powerful business risk management solution.
Offers such as business social networks, IP communications platforms (chat, voice, video) ROK allows the dynamic creation of communities and ensures impermeability, and offering the most powerful content management tools.
Development tools for mobile applications What you create in ROK is dynamically brought to any type of smartphone

You do not buy ROK,
you rent the use of it

  • Use ROK for a reasonable fee (SaaS).
  • Equip your employees for a full cost for use starting at 1 € with an unlimited number of users (Cloud multi-instance).
  • Optimize license costs: we look into the savings you can achieve together using ROK for your EDM, CRM, CSR or other costs and / or solutions that you can do away with.
  • Are you satisfied with the solution we provide? we would like to hear your testimony.

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